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Encomia commercial and domestic

Moss Pilates, London

"When we were creating our new Pilates studio from scratch, we came across Topservice through one of the letters they sent out. We gave our requirement to them, they quoted, we discussed aspects of design - on which they were very helpful - and found very quick agreement on the best way forward. We then left them to it, allowing us to get on with the running of our business. Topservice fully project-managed the works and completed them to budget, on time, and very professionally (including the courtesy and consideration shown to other users of the building). Not did we once have a snag that wasn't resolved almost immediately. It's a great crew, creating a great result.  Topservice were totally reliable, totally honest. They have the competence and the skills: I would recommend them to anyone. Indeed we have recommended them to several others - successfully."

C Moss

Testimonial D

It is all too common, and too easy, to expect contractors and second-hand car salesmen to promise the earth and to deliver a rather lesser standard, and it was, therefore, a very surprising and happy experience dealing with Topservice. The job in question was not a big one; it simply involved extending a living room by moving an existing glazed 'conservatory-type' wall four feet and relaying the patio. This required sourcing and fitting matching glass side panels and constructing a new roof. It also involved, thanks to the dedication of the Building Inspector, digging one-metre deep foundations and lowering the level of the external surface relative to the house, so as to ensure that no damp would affect the main structure. None of this work was beyond the capability of any competent buider, but what had caused several of that happy breed to decline to quote for the work was that all the materials had to be moved onto the site, and all the spoil removed and carried in plastic tubs to the skip, through a gap in the fence only eighteen and a half inches wide! The only concession to this restraint was that the concrete mixer could be carried through the house at the beginning and end of the job, but only after the carpets and furniture were properly protected. Throughout the work, which was completed as close to the schedule as the weather permitted, all the various tradesmen were not only professional but helpful in the extreme, and hands-on management of the project, involving one or two visits every day by the boss of Topservice, ensured that any minor variations from the original plan were identified and corrected before they became problems. The finished project was a delight; it was completed on budget despite several changes from the initial specification, and it was not possible to see that it was not a part of the original structure. It was an example of potential problems being seen as something to be overcome, rather than a reason to accept defeat, and of determination that the client should get what he wanted.

J R Dixon