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Renovations for Renting

We have a profound understanding not only of how to get a property to look great, but also of how buildings and their interiors should function in the particular market.

With the joint experience of our sister company, Topservice Lettings LLP, we believe the only tenants you should be interested in are the ones who can – and will – pay higher market rent and stay year after year.

Thus allowing you to carry on paying (eg) your buy-to-let mortgage, or re-fund your existing finance, without worrying about months of vacancy.  Or having to spend on tenant-finding fees again and again.

That kind of tenant is discerning – and getting ever more so.  That kind of tenant simply won't go into a 'make-do' let.

Merely throwing in a very cheap kitchen and bathroom in, for example, a residential letting, might appeal as the economic choice, but – and we know this as a fact – doing so will not get the right prospective tenants signing leases at the right rent.

Naturally, you can't afford the place to be Buckingham Palace.  We're not talking of chandeliers or ludicrous expense.  But you do need it to be apppropriate; the whole thing to work.  Something that will also raise the capital value of the property.  (Very useful in all sorts of ways.)

Anything else is likely to end in less-than-reliable tenancies, missing monies and substantial regrets. Again, that's true for both domestic and commercial sectors.

Topservice (Refurbishments) Ltd has undertaken many complete refurbishment projects for properties in the rental market.  And we're a bit different from other renovation companies.

As with our other refurbishments we handle the whole job, we run everything, and we are easily contactable to answer queries immediately.

The level of both our commercial and our residential refurbishments (such as this, for example) enables you to achieve the highest possible rents at the best value vis-a-vis the cost of the work.  We repeat: you'll get the best value – and get the tenants you're seeking.  The right tenants.

Our quality doesn't mean we lack pace.  We do understand – and we are very able to satisfy – your need for speed, with our ability to achieve a very satisfactory level of finish extremely quickly.

Use Topservice to renovate your property to the right standard, within budget, to deadline. 

And be assured of the best return you can get.

Please see our Portfolio page for examples of, among other work, completed refurbishments for the rented sector.

And if you'd like to get in contact, please call 01371 870 570 or email

While you're here, as the Guardian likes to say, we'll note that as regards letting, we are also very experienced at carrying out property maintenance for the rented sector.

This is something which we often do in working on a substantial number of properties – commercial and domestic – for our very excellent sister company, Topservice Lettings LLP.

Our response, our reliability, and our rates are all exceptionally good.

Please do get in contact using the details given above.



Moss Pilates, London

Moss Pilates, London

"When we were creating our new Pilates studio from scratch, we came across Topservice through one of the letters they sent out.

We gave our requirement to them, they quoted, we discussed aspects of design - on which they were very helpful - and found very quick agreement on the best way forward.

We then left them to it, allowing us to get on with the running of our business.

Topservice fully project-managed the works and completed them to budget, on time, and very professionally (including the courtesy and consideration shown to other users of the building).

Not did we once have a snag that wasn't resolved almost immediately.

It's a great crew, creating a great result.  Topservice were totally reliable, totally honest.

They have the competence and the skills: I would recommend them to anyone.

Indeed we have recommended them to several others - successfully."

C Moss

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